You may request appointment by phone, email, or our fill out the form below.  Call us at (434) 361-4850 or fill out the form below to request an appointment by text and email.

New patient check-up appointments are scheduled for one hour.  Our practice is of the highest standard of care and we do require current diagnostic x-rays.  We cannot treat any new patients without having current x-rays taken.  If you have current x-rays, our office will be happy to request them.  You will need to sign a records release form.

Your first appointment consists of diagnostic x-rays, a complete periodontal evaluation, charting your existing conditions, and diagnosis and discussion of your treatment needs with Dr. Delph.  Based on your treatment needs, your concerns and goals for your oral health, and your financial concerns, Dr. Delph will present one or more options for great oral health and a beautiful smile!